Mi-Ki Dog Breeder

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Little Mi-Kis

I would love to introduce you to the world's greatest lap dog breed, the Mi-Ki (pronounced Mee-Kee). Mi-Kis are a rare toy breed more than 2000 in existence. Mi-Kis are very loving, extremely loyal and smart. Mi-Kis are cuddle babies that define the word "LAPDOG". They are litter box trained with ease, which also makes them great pets for shut-ins or apartment living.

Little Mi-Ki Dog Breeder

Because of their even temperament and extremely friendly attitude, Mi-Kis make an excellent companion for all lifestyles. Mi-Kis enjoy people of all ages and get along good with other pets as well. These fascinating little dogs love sitting on your lap and riding in the car. As long as your Mi-Ki is with you, it is happy.

 So  if your looking for a new BEST FRIEND give us a call, we may just have the perfect one for you.




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